King Dough was born from being part of a successful family of restaurants in our home state of Arkansas. We craved having a space that was a bit more 'ours' and started King Dough initially by putting a clay-top over the back of a truck bed and running it as a food truck. Bloomington inspired us to offer something to the culinary scene we thought was missing, and now here we are! 

We have a lot to be thankful for, but also think the future is bright for KD. People are responding well to our focus on high-quality food, great servers, and being a cozy little spot to hang with friends. We can take it further, but not so far that the romance would be lost. Truly, we just love being involved at every level of making a great experience for people: from stretching mozz and kneading dough by hand, to crafting the music/art/tv environment in a restaurant that we haven't seen in other places. The happiness of our customers keeps us seeking that excellence.